About Community Bible Church

Encouraging all people to pursue a lifelong, joyousrelationship with Jesus Christ and share His love with those in need.

Community  Bible  Church of Abilene was organized in 1985 as a non-denominational church. Though we are not affiliated with any specific denomination, we hold to the historic Christian teachings set forth in the Bible.  Our sincere desire is to proclaim clearly the truth of God’s word and to help people grow in their Christian faith.

COMMUNITY BIBLE CHURCH desires to provide a church home in which…
* God’s love is reflected
* God’s grace is revealed
* God’s word is proclaimed
* God’s Son is praised
* God’s people are renewed

* Is made up of people just like you
* Has been in Abilene for 25 years
* Is focused on the future
* Believes that one of the greatest joys in life is responding to our Creator as we worship
* Considers that nothing is more important than what God has to say.
* A place where you come as you are but leave encouraged, challenged and knowing that you are loved.
* Most of all, a place where you will matter!


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